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Strange dream tw:g0re/d3@th

I had a dream where there was 5 seats and 3 seats were bad quality and the 4th one was decent and the 5th one was comfy. I went on the first seat and I got bitten by a rat that crawled out of the seat, it didn't hurt much but it was kinda scary so I kept going down the seats and kept getting bit by rats until the last seat I was on was a safe seat. The 5th seat was my only safe zone. Then randomly it switched to this small backyard with a cute white highland cow there, I pet it and was hanging out with it and it's was so adorable. And after that small bit I was in this horror game like room with rusted walls and bl00d everywhere, I saw 5 tvs and 2 of them had d3ad ppls limbs and dead black cows on them and one had rope around its neck. I felt scared but I felt like someone was there, not that they could hurt me but that they were watching me

Anyways wtf does this even mean?

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Dead Weight

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The seat stuff could mean a fear of failure, of going out of your comfort zone, or both, but it also means you believe in your capacity of doing it, no matter what, until you succeed and treap the rewards of your work. The second half implies you feel judged by someone/others when you're in a pinch, some individual/s that won't punch you down but also won't lend a hand, just watch and judge (or at least, you perceive it that way).

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