Red Raccoon Tail Hair ^__^ and outfit checkkkk (10.14.23)

I GOT RED RACCOON TAILS! for one week before it washed out... lol cx. 

Lookit!! :)

it was the most fun hair ive ever had, but unfortunately it only lasted a week... one wash later and it became so muddy. :/ one day ill get it back, but i went back to jet black in the meantime. >.<

also, here is an outfit i wore on campus, you can also see the red hair showing through c: i am starting to grow fond of arm warmers and the color white. I got these ones from hot topic, and theyre the cutest ever! 

okkkk thats all. ive been pretty busy so i havent been able to coordinate fits that often,,, or post about them even :c 

ill be more free to post in december! school is crazy. 

take care xoxo

-Alina :3

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