ent s3e22 the council + s3e23 countdown + s3e24 zero hour

well, that's it. war's over.

lots of epic battle scenes. i really liked the set design for the inside of the weapon. the different colors, the "alien-ness" of it all, the ability to kick your enemies off really high railings even though in practice there would be guard rails. i kind of saw hayes' death coming but not degra's. the scene with t'pol and porthos was really sweet and sad. the ending.... corny. why are we at WWII? it makes sense for the timeline to be messed up, but it's arbitrary for the ship to be jumped to this point specifically. i don't think i'm gonna like the next episode.

i'm not sure how i feel about season 3 as a whole. it had some bangers but i don't think it was as consistently good as the first two seasons. maybe that'll change in season 4? who knows.

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