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My Day 10-13-23

    Happy Friday the 13th! I had work again today and I brought a turkey sandwich for lunch. It was a nice one too! I made it this morning with honey baked turkey, provolone, mayo, and spinach. I might make another one tomorrow because my plan to bring leftovers tomorrow fell through (I was really hungry and didn't end up with leftovers). Or I could bring a salad.. we shall see. VERY INTERESTING I KNOW! Today at work I worked with a girl I hadn't met before who I will call A. I was supposed to work with M too but she had an incident that morning where she had to go the hospital (don't worry she's alright). I was actually only supposed to work half the day but since there was only two of us there my boss asked me to stay to closing. A was really nice but also kind of flighty. She kept leaving me alone so she could find clothes to buy. She did bring me snacks though and was generally really fun to be around so I can put up with it. 

    We were switching over to a new system of checking people out today. It will eventually let us scan tags instead of putting things in manually which will make our lives easier. However, until the new tags are rolled out, it means that we have to do the same manual entry thing but in an even more complicated way ;-;. Oh also a lady came in saying she was overcharged the other day and I'm almost certain it was my fault. I felt so bad! Luckily my boss didn't try and figure out who did it or do any type of big speech so I just got out with my guilt and no public embarrassment. My boss kind of reminds me of my dad so it would feel even worse for him to be disappointed in me. 

    On my break I found a cute dress. It's black and lacy and kind of spooky looking. This is the second day in the row that I found something cute in the store during my break. Yesterday I found the treasure of all treasures: a giant grumpy bear plush for $5! Here's what he looks like. This picture is from an eBay listing that prices him as $65!! I got such a deal!

He's so cuuuuute! I might wash him soon but as for right now he's just sitting on my couch being adorable. In other news since my last blog, I cut myself baby bangs. They weren't really supposed to be so short but sometimes things happen when you cut your own bangs lol. I also had a midterm exam on Wednesday which I think went decently but there's no way to know yet. Okay thats enough for now.

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