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family through community

So, I'm an officer for a campus ministry organization at my college. It's an incredibly LGBT+ affirming ministry, with most of (if not all) the members being LGBT in some way. We put on a concert for national coming out day, which was wednesday, and had a queer musician visit and play. The musician was Spencer LaJoy, they're awesome and on spotify so go listen to them.

while they were introducing themself and their set, Spencer said "there is a grief to coming out, which we don't really talk about but it's okay because we're family."

the audience was almost totally made up of queer students and for some reason Spencer saying "it's okay because we're family" really fuckin got to me. We are family. the other members of this community are family.

that's a phrase gay people used back in the day, like the 70s-90s, to tell/ask people if they were also gay in a subtle way. "Are they family?" "this is [so-and-so], she's family" "dont worry, they're family"

it was just really nice to hear from a grown queer person.

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