King Arthur Pendragon pt 1

After 2 months of waiting due to schedules not aligning I've started The Great Pendragon Campaign. My players have started off with a brutalist view of the world, but during the King Uther era and the Anarchy Era I can see where they might want to be cruel and uncaring.

Anyways, I got 3 players now.

  • Jimbo, a pagan with a cruel streak
  • Arliduke, a Roman Christian terrible with directions and a lingering hate for the Saxons.
  • Herbius, a Virtuous British Christian known for his lancing ability among the young squires.

Alright, they start off in the Castle, there they do some practice combat and some jousting training. After some jousting training they end the day with a meal. Their trainer, Sir Eldon, is the marshall of the county. He is training the young squires so they may become knights. 

Sir Eldon begins their next day with some more training with Herbius dominating during jousting training, leaving Jimbo and Arliduke thrown in the mud. After some training, Sir Eldon asks the boys to journey to the small town of Imber to kill a man eating bear. They decide to wait until tomorrow and have dinner in the castle. They are told to talk to a man named Old Garr, the local priest. It takes them about half a day to reach the town as they observe the rolling landscape and greenery. Once there Arliduke observes the town, seeing it is a rather poor town near a pond. It seems they gain a lot of their money from leather. They decide to head to a church and enter, finding an old man pretending to be reading. He looks up from his book and closes it, commenting on how he actually can't read. The squires ask if he is Old Garr, and he confirms it. They ask about the man-eating bear and he says he'll lead the squires to a recent attack site. He promises to lend the squires his dogs as well. They follow Old Garr to an attack site and begin looking around. Jimbo finds some foot prints. They begin journey through the forest, looking for the bear. Unfortunately Arliduke falls behind the group and gets lost. Jimbo suddenly finds the bear, seeing a furry leg pass through the brush. They follow it into a clearing where they see it feasting on a body. Meanwhile Arliduke comes across a stream, losing his dog's scent. He comes into a small clearing with a hut, the chimney puffing out smoke. He knocks on the door and it opens slowly. Inside he sees a small cauldron bubbling away and an old lady who claims she's been waiting for Arliduke specifically. She offers to read him his fortune. Herbius charges the bear on his horse, using his spear as a lance. He rolls a crit and knocks the bear down, inflicting a major wound in the bear's neck. Jimbo attempts the same and breaks his spear, inflicting no damage on the bear.  They proceed to kill the bear with their swords. Arliduke questions the woman, being a spiritual man deeply entuned with his Christian beliefs, she promises him no ill-will and claims she is just telling him of fate. He decides to listen to the lady. He sits on a chair offered to him and a table is pulled out with a small deck of cards. She begins pulling cards(They're from 7th Sea, another tabletop RPG) The Hero, The Betrayal, The Magician, and The War. She offers some explanation but not enough for Arliduke to decipher. The bear can be heard, roaring in pain, far off in the forest. Upon hearing this Arliduke gets up as the lady says her goodbyes. Arliduke watches as she and her hut slowly begins to fade away. Arliduke mounts his horse and reunites with everyone. They begin to return to town. They come across some bandits harassing Farmer John, a man they've seen in court quite a few times and have chatted with. The bandits are stealing his cows. Herbius rushes charges one with a spear, impaling him and knocking him down. Jimbo and Arliduke hop off their horses and charge into battle to meet their foes. Arliduke attempts to slice one down, cleaving his skull. The other bandit surrenders and drops his spear. Jimbo decides to punish the bandit and release him. He brings the Bandit to a stump where he proceeds to break his fingers. Farmer John thanks them. They bring the corpse of the bear back to Imber and a feast is held in their honor. The pelt of the bear is prepared for the squires and given as a gift. Jimbo holds a speech, honoring Herbius. After a night spent in town, the squires return to their Castle. They are received by Earl Roderick, in his court, where they retell the story of their two hunts. They are congratulated and waved off soon after.  A feast is held. Earl Roderick rises from his chair and asks the Marshall if there are any squires worthy of being knighted. Sir Eldon recommends the party. Earl Roderick laughs heartedly and says they shall hold their knighting ceremony tomorrow. 

A vigil is held in the church, as the knighting ceremony begins. As each squire is called they are transformed into knights, repeating the very words they've been practicing for 5 years. Each one is slapped by Earl Roderick, with it being the last blow they'll receive without just recourse. 

And thats my session! It was pretty fun, still learning the rules though. My players seem to enjoy it too!

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