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møved røutine & hyperfixatiøn desertatiøn

hi. fid say hi shes here with me 

we had abc gozellik salonu

'abc' is øur schøøl name and gøzellik salønu in azeri means fashiøn saløn

anyways øn pe i wrøte a whøle ass essay øn twenty øne piløts heheheh cuz the teacher gave papers tø thøse with nø uniførm that had a questiøn 'which famøus persøn inspires you?' and when he saw what i wrøte he was surprised tø say the least

i wrøte a løt abøut relating tø the lyrics sø. he wi

and nøw its english. theres still the whøle day ahead sø ill edit this when i get høme

in the mørning a cat came tø me and it really liked me. i really liked the cat tøø

alsø the pe teacher said he liked my writing løl

i alsø had a nap and i cøuldnt take a shøwer cuz nø høt water and that really changed my røutine and i almøst cried because øf that (i rarely ever cry sø i cøuldnt actually cry. but i felt like crying)

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