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October 11th 2023

Today was a calm day.  Since I didn't have to go to work, due to sickness, I stayed at home for the majority of the day.  I got to wake up late this morning, albeit late meaning seven in the morning.  I had some boiled egg whites for breakfast and watched youtube for a bit.  

Around eight I got dressed and started putting chords to lyrics of a new song that I'm working on.  Afterwards I went out to Barnes and Nobles to pick up a book about guitar and ended up walking out with a beginner guitar set, the last unicorn, and we have always lived in the castle.  I've seen the last unicorn movie and heard good reviews about the other book so I bought them while I was there.  While I was out I picked up my medication from Rite-Aid.  

When I got back home I brought in the thrifting finds that I bought yesterday.  Below is a picture of a pair of shoes that I found and the last unicorn book.

I filmed a new youtube video of the rough draft of my song Reflections.  I'm pretty proud of it, now to be able to translate it to guitar would be great.  Below is a link to the youtube video.

For lunch I had some potato skins and a dragonfruit mango refresher from Starbucks.  I decided that It would probably be a good idea to wash my bedding since I haven't done it in a while and the family dog pissed on it.  Only problem was that after It was done in the washer I found that the comforter had been torn in multiple places also because of the family dog.  I threw it away and now have one blanket on my bed.

This evening I had oatmeal and chocolate almond butter for dinner.  After dinner I found that where I was hurting I had bruises and got really worried that I was bleeding somewhere in my body.  My mom came home and told me it was most likely an infection since I had to wear the same pair of underwear for four days during my camping trip this past weekend.  Anyways, now I am headed to bed as I do have work tomorrow, goodnight and sweet dreams.

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