My Take on Entitled Fans Within Music.

Just saw a tweet that really pissed me off...

On October 8th, A7X had to cancel their show in San Diego last minute because the lead singer, Matt, was really sick. Matt explained within a thread of four tweets as to what was going on with his health and what he was doing to try to get better while still performing, and some jackass still had the nerve to say, quote, 

Matt. Respectfully. You canceled on us in 2018 and now in 2023 in San Diego. Each time we used vacation time to take off time, coordinated babysitting, and paid for baby sitting. This is unbelievable. Fan since 2007 but it feels like we are cursed to see you guys live.

Dude, seriously?

Matt did not choose to get sick, and was doing everything in his power to continue the 2nd leg of this tour. I'm so sick entitled fans not just in the A7X fandom, but the Swifties and the Motionless in White fandom too.

Like I'm so sorry your favorite singer got sick on accident.

I'm sorry they didn't play your favorite song at your show.
I'm sorry their new album isn't releasing fast enough.
You'll live, I promise. Stop acting entitled, bands and singers are just as human as you are.

Anyways, rant over, hope this guy does better.

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