Queztion center !!

Azk me anything! Thiz iz a blog for anyone who iz confuzed abt anything that iz on my blog or profile and iznt friended to me! I dont bite, zo juzt let me know!

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hey idk if I should say this here and sorry for the bother but I would like to know why did you block me, my account is g0re.c0m and wanted to know if I did something since you're the first person to block me here, not to sound mean or anything I'm just worried that I did something bad and if I did I would fix it or maybe explain myself and hope you understand

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Im not sure why (we forget why we block certain people often)
Ill have to check ur main acc then

by Atsu / Kazu (semi-inactive); ; Report

thank you, I will wait then

by nothing; ; Report

Im pretty sure we blocked you either bc your profile just creeped one of us out or there was smth in your dni/byi we weren't the greatest fan of
Its nothing personal though

by Atsu / Kazu (semi-inactive); ; Report

yeah maybe my byi list was bad I don't really remember what I put into it and I changed it a little bit, I never thought my profile would be creepy since it's only meat and doesn't have anything to do with g0re and I saw that you follow other people that likes horror stuff and maybe similar to my profile so idk why would my profile would be bad for you, but I can confirm to you my byi list is not how you think it is and not always like that, I can explain to you everything you want to know

by nothing; ; Report

I mean we do enjoy horror yes, but im pretty sure the one we were friended to w a similar profile had a diff profile when we first friended them
Plus, we were friended to the persons main acc before they made that one

by Atsu / Kazu (semi-inactive); ; Report

yeah, but I would understand if you told me about it first and I've been thinking of changing my whole profile someday because yes maybe it's too much but people told me it was okay and that they liked it so I didn't change it, and I don't think I should be blocked since I didn't do anything bad and I know you don't like it but after all it's not like you going to see my account again not trying to be mean

I'm just nervous when I get blocked so that's why I come to you and see if I did something bad

by nothing; ; Report

vash (he/xem)

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what is fictionkin and irl ? i have a vague understanding of them but not fully.

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An irl iz when zomeone believez they are a character.
A fictionkin iz zomeone who identifiez az a character.
I mean they zound zimilar.
I zuggezt trying to zearch it up, im really bad at explaining thingz.

by Atsu / Kazu (semi-inactive); ; Report

okay ! thanks you (´・ω・`)

by vash (he/xem); ; Report