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weird verses and squeaking arøund the røøm

okay the squeaking happened yesterday

i realised just høw much i løve jøsh dun and før like 10 minutes i was jumping arøund my røøm and squeaking.

tøday has been full øf weird verses. like i wøuld say sømething that søunded like it cøuld pøtentially be in a søng and then my mind wøuld just start writing a verse

im gønna pøst øne øf them here just a sec

tøday was weirdly sentimental. every single day nøwadays is weirdly sentimental

i reach øut frøm the shade, what a shame ive been gøing mental

in the shade, where my thøughts can bløøm i am gløøm im the metal- 

-taste in my møuth, like a bløød spill massacre 

my senses gøing numb, tøø bad my mentality has had øther- 

-plans, i dø nøt remember waking up in here

i analyse the faces, then intø shade i disappear

i høpe yøu liked it. i highlighted it sø its easier tø differentiate frøm the rest øf the entry

alsø tøday was really børing. except my classmate asked me if my pøøp is pink øn biøløgy?? that was weird but i tøld her that i dønt pøøp since i have nø ørgans and all thats inside me is pink glitter glue.

i alsø løve øne øf the teachers frøm the english department in my schøøl. i used tø be in his class last year but nøw im nøt. hes sørta like a cartøøn character and thats funky

i taught him the wørds slay and girlbøss and he løved them

anyways bai bai

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