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Introduction -Lee

jon is really out here doing gods work. i didn't even know this thing existed but fuck i'm excited! 

well uh... hi, i'm lee, i'm sourced (i think that's the right wording?) from marble hornets! definitely non-cannon, but hey i'm here and i got source memories to back it up so... yeah. 

not too sure what imma be posting on here but who knows, i might start putting updates for my own little series on here? i'll see.... i'll probably end up just rambling about cannon-mates and source in here honestly because why not?

anyways i think i took up enough of your time if you actually read all of this but... yee


(( Neon Roses by The Technicolors is a great song by the way, very much a comfort song for me ))

edit: fuck it i'm throwing my playlist in here as well!

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