Are you afraid 

To be in fear 

you are afraid 

To lose what is dear 

Are you simple

Not brave enough 

you are simple 

All but a bluff 

But when you live your life

All I hear

Are your words

Words so unforgiving

And unsatisfied that

I cannot sit still 

Words so warm 

And told all too plain that

I can’t dream of sleep 

Words so cruel 

And horrid to me that

I can’t think to breath 

But when I close my eyes 

All I see

Is your smile

A smile all too warm 

For I only see it 

In darkeness

A smile born of delusion 

For where it comes from 

Only darkness lies 

A smile that can make my minute

For even in the darkness 

Lies can feel true 

Am I too good?

For this world and this work?

Am I a smile?

Born of delusion?

Am I a bird 

Truly free of this ground 

Am I doing anything 

To reincarnate a dream 

A dream built by fear 

A dream no one will hear

A dream that isn’t my own 

A dream that isn’t home

A dream

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