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My Day 10-10-23

    Big day, folks! I started my new job. I was so scared I wouldn't make it on time this morning bc I wanted to get starbies first. There's one on campus that not too far from my apartment but its faster to drive. I wasn't expecting how terrible the parking would be though. I ended up checking three parking lots before deciding to just go back to my apartment's parking. At this point I'd wasted a considerable amount of time and would have just called off the Starbucks plan if I hadn't already made the grub hub order. I didn't want to be that person who abandons their grub hub order so I walked there as fast as possible. I was basically sprinting. It all worked out though bc I got my latte and breakfast wrap and still made it to work on time! Funnily enough I was convinced I would be late and then Fast Car came on which weirdly lifted me spirits like YEAH I DO HAVE A FAST CAR!

    When I got there I had a bunch of papers to fill out and one of them was a statement of faith which I felt a little weird about. I'd say I'm more agnostic but I'm willing to play up some christian energy if I must since the shop is run by a ministry. Speaking of christian energy, before opening all the branches of the ministry got together at the main building for a morning meeting but most of that meeting was this guy talking about how he got saved. There also was a prayer that got pretty pro-israel which... umm. After that I got to opening to store with my new coworker M. She was so sweet and nice and has such cool hair (its pink and blue with tinsel in it). Her whole vibe is much less churchy than the rest of the crew which makes me feel less like I need to put on an act. My boss is cool too. Apparently he used to be on broadway?? Wild. 

    I think I got the hang of things quickly enough but the process of checking someone out is so complicated I'm terrified of messing something up. You have to check out everything manually because there's no scanning and half the things don't have price tags so you just have to remember how much it's supposed to cost. I'm actually really nervous about fucking up even though I don't think I did today. That was with help from M though. I was alone for about 30 minutes though while she took her lunch break. As for my lunch I need to buy a lunchbox so I didn't pack anything. (Next time I'll make a sandwich I think.) Instead I ate one of the break room muffins. Lunch was kind of fun though bc I got to sit with a group of older ladies who worked at different sections of the ministry. They were all really fun and lively and joking around. Very golden girls vibes. 

    After lunch I thought I'd be fine without a real meal but my stomach started growling loudly as I was checking people out >_<. Nothing else too exciting happened. I did cashier stuff and occasionally talked to M, usually about the music which was oldies instead of christian today. We joked a few times about this song about a guy splishing and splashing in a tub every time the playlist wrapped back around to it again. After work I drove home, hung up my new uniform shirts, and made myself a microwave dinner. (It was an Amy's Bowl.. they're so tasty). I then watched an episode of one piece and finished my c++ homework. I also have a test tomorrow which I should have studied for but I did not. Wish me luck on that -_-

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It's not on Spotify yet but Chuu's first solo single Underwater is so pretty and magical. It reminds me of Taeyeon in the best way.

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