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October 10th 2023

This past weekend I went on a camping trip with my lover and his family.  I was quite excited to go but everything changed when we arrived in Shenandoah.  

Firstly, his father's girlfriend forgot to mention that her entire family would be there.  I barely knew her and her kids but adding on another fifteen people I did not know in a place I have never been to before made me upset.  After that, my lover's little brother (who is fourteen and has been on many camping trips before) put on a show of not knowing how to pitch his tent so I had to pitch it.  I got so tired of it that my lover finished it before I tore it a new one.  

The worst part was during the night.  It was freezing, but I was expecting that in the mountains.  What I was not expecting was the rain, which would have been fine if we brought tarps to put the tents on.  We did not.  All of my clothes got soaked which meant that I had to wear my lover's sweatpants and the same shirt for four days straight.

In the morning, his father's girlfriend decided she was tired of it as well and that we all were going to go home.  My lover and I already had plans to stay as he was going to meet some of his Xbox friends.  The problem was that since his father did not pack anything up and instead opted to throw it all in his truck, meant that my lover's younger brother had to ride with us.  Which he threw a hissy-fit over and tried to get us to drop him off at home first, which was a five hour drive just to get there.  

In the end, at least I got some pretty pictures, but I do not think I will go camping with his family again.

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