Help Needed to Clear from Microsoft Edge Blacklist

Hello everyone,

Microsoft Edge has yet to whitelist, even though it was flagged in error by Netcraft. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in reporting the site as safe. Thank you for your help!

You can do so by going here:

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Report to microsoft bro. Your site dont like a virus, but i think that e-mail login isnt safe to microsoft

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Thank you! Is it still coming up as unsafe? I'm no longer getting the warning on my end.

by drhelado; ; Report

god is good

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I think it could be because your domain has 3 consecutive hyphens.

Anyways, I will report it as safe

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Thank you!

by drhelado; ; Report

Tokyo Mentale

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Have you tried changing your DNS ?

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A more reputable site, Kapersky, has it flagged as a phishing site.

You'll want to try to get in contact with them, and most other services will follow their lead, I'd imagine.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. Can you share a screenshot of the error you're getting? Kaspersky is requesting that one of my users shares the URL they're trying to access and the error they're getting from Kaspersky. Thanks in advance!

by drhelado; ; Report

I don't use the AV myself, but I linked the VirusTotal result in the above comment, and it shows that Kaspersky is saying it's a phishing website. Maybe they'd accept that.

by Kevin; ; Report


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hey cutieh!!!???

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My ISP won't let me access the site at all either..

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Update; I just used a VPN to access it and I'm not getting any warnings or anything at all, I think you're good to go.

by Setsuwa; ; Report

Some ISPs are blocking it. You can access it using a VPN.

by drhelado; ; Report


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Same thing happens on Chromium. Says it's an unsecure link. Shame, old Facebooks looks interesting.

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It works fine on Chromium. Try using a VPN.

by drhelado; ; Report

Thomas Federico - Freelance Full-Stack Designer

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Hi! Cybersecurity is not my forte, but maybe some of these links might provide some help/insight if you haven't tried these tips before:

I hope this will help you solve your issue!

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Thanks for the suggestion! There is no malware, it was flagged by error :D

by drhelado; ; Report

Alright! Glad to know it was just that!

by Thomas Federico - Freelance Full-Stack Designer; ; Report


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Max: I've never heard of that site before. What's it for?

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It's a remake of the old Facebook :D

by drhelado; ; Report