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10.9.23 | mEEEOWWW!!

basically monday wasn't rlly that interesting for me tbh...but i still wanna blog abt it!! bc like this is spacehey ofc im gonna blog ugh!!

first and foremost! i woke up at around...1:20 ish maybe? i know i woke up at 1 something and my mummie told me that i had to go to a dentist appointment!! (i rlly dont like the dentist ):)

i got up and got ready to go, and i was there for maybe 2 hours? it was a really long wait considering alot of people go to the same dentist as me.

next! after that, me and my mom went to a walgreens i think? they put fluoride on my teeth and it really ticks me off so i went and got dr pepper to help get rid of the taste :3 i also got some cotton pads (for makeup remover), m&m's, and we got my grandma's medication for her!!

that brings us to the next thing! :3 me and my mummie went over to my grandma's house (which is pretty much an hour away) and we stayed there for about 4 hours. we just helped around the house, cleaned up a bit, and i got to see her doggie :3 (her name is aera!! she is a pretty little chihuahua)

then once we left it was time to go home!! :3 i was rlly excited but we got in some traffic on the way and i got home at around 10:30? i was rlly upset bc my most favorite person had been asleep by then and i couldn't call them!! such a shame :cc

and now i am up at 5 am, eating m&m's and about to go to sleep (thankfully i dont have work till wednesday :3) but yeah! thats about it for my day..i honestly dont think anyone will see this but its worth a try

goodnight world!! <33
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G-man Jr

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Hey man what happened with the date hm?

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