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Concerts !! (and a half)

SOSOSOSOSO I found out that BOYS LIKE GIRLS is playing in a venue in Toronto ! Ive never actually listened 2 them b4 (obviously I've heard of them) but I've been listening to sum of their stuff recently and their actually really good - the tickets would cost abt 144$ CAD (obv) for 2 ppl and I think that b a sick concert 2 b my first !

Im also going 2 see Green Day with my dad at a football game in hamilton in November ! (their the half-time show) Ive heard lots of GD from my dad and obviously i know the big songs (American idiot, Boulevard of broken dreams, Holiday, basket case etc) - its going 2 b so cold at this game as well since its an outdoor venue but whatever

I hope all goes well 4 me and I can take my mom with me 2 toronto 2 see boys like girls !! (144$ is sooo much tho xpp - the service fee was like 34$ ???? )

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