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Waiting for Package

I'm currently waiting for an Amazon package :-P. I'm getting impatient bc the website said itd be here from 11-2, then it said 11:30-2:30, then 11:45-2:45, and now it says 12:15-2:15. I always get excited about new packages + I get anxious as well bc I've had someone take my package off of my porch. This time it's a pink mousepad and a green mouse with light up rainbow edges. I'm so excited for them!

Tomorrow I'll be getting one of those TikTok brushes. It's called Unbrush, but I got a knockoff version bc I couldn't afford the $20-ish one and i needed a new brush. It was only 90 cents!! Free shipping too! Hopefully I actually get it and it's not a scam lol.

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