books- weekly blogging -1 (?)

i want to start doing weekly blogging so im going to start doing weekly blogging. wheteher or not i keep up with it is a mystery

i went to the bookstore thrice, and bought more books than i needed. 

1 second hand shop, where i bought 2 sad looking books with no cover or info on it, aside from 1 of the 2 having a title on the spine ('the greatest book ever written', its titled). i began reading the one with the spine title and its just the bible? its just written as a normal book though, without the verses. 

2nd time, i went to a local bookshop and bought 'the ten thousand doors of january' to be able to read along with a relative. its a portal fantasy, which is why it was appealing to me to begin with. unfortuneatly, havent read much of this either.

and the 3rd time i went to another 2nd hand shop, where i bought 'codex' and 'the magicians' both by the same author. i recall reading the magicians once, but dont remember anything about it.

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