i miss parties :(

i havent gone to very many (covid count ur days) but i rlyy miss partying. ive been going to more recently and it made me remember how much fun they were. idk how or y but jus like being surrounded by ppl i dont know and acting like someone im not is the most fun thing in the world. i wish there wld be more parties near me, i rly miss them...

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parties are a life necessity, they are honesty give me the best feeling

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Martin C.

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You should totally go out when you can.
I've felt the same way. Covid really messed up everything. Also the people don't take the virus importantly.

But things are slowly returning to how it used to be.
In August I went to Hard Summer. Had so much damn fun!
Also went clubbing in LA like 3 times in the past 2 months.
I really needed to get out and dance.
You should too.

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