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about me!! x3

aloha!! my name is caihong (shai-hong), or my english/american name is charlie :3 but u can call me whatevs
i am 18 years old :3 my bday is june 8th!! i've been told that is a pretty birthday and it makes me very happy..i also go by she/her!!
i have already stated i have autism, but i do also have dyslexia and really bad memory problems!! so pls dont take it personal if i have to write down your birthday or how old u are bc i can honestly forget really fast even if i WANT to remember
i am also an intp and a gemini!! ive been told geminis are usually..twofaced which i dont like how ppl assume that about me but udwhuadi i cant change ppls thoughts

some things you might wanna look out for before being my friend!! i kind of already said this in a past blog (my dni, byi and int if blog) but i'd like to say some of the things again just incase!!
1. considering i have autism, i tend to take things PRETTY seriously even if they are just little jokey jokes so if you say like "im gonna kms" or smth and i dont have pre-knowledge of it being a joke, i might take it serious and be worried )):
2. i am a grown woman, i am 18 and i am 3 years away from being the legal age to drink!! if you are a kid or smth i'd advise not talking to me unless we've known each other beforehand :3
3. i use echolalia alot, so i usually say "awe shucks" or "oh my glob" alot. it can be annoying sometimes so if u get annoyed from repetitive phrases we probably shouldn't talk ):
4. i have a bad habit of looking at messages and responding in my head, so if i dont answer for like 30 minutes just be like idk.. "hey girly answer da phone" or smth idk duwahduaid
5. pls atleast try treat me like im a normal person. apparently ppl like to treat me differently bc im more "childish" and neurodivergent, but i want you to know i am not a kid nor am i completely different. ik my brain gets a little silly sometimes but dont treat me like i'm a baby who knows nothing and thinks nothing

that is all!! pls be my friend :3

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