Random facts i just know

Nirvanas song "In bloom" Is about how people in high school used to bully Kurt and when he got famous he made that song talking about how his bullies will sing that song not knowing that its about making fun of them (Also the lyrics are "Hes the one who likes all our pretty songs and he likes to sing along but he doesnt know what it means" so yea).

"Heart shaped box" is about Cortney Loves.. uhm kitty ..

Mindless self indulgence opened for KoRn in 1999 and they also remixed a KoRn song! (Here to stay you can listen to it on spotify its so good).

In the movie 28 days later (my fav movie) theres a scene were Jim walks into a church and sees a pile of dead bodies and those werent actual actors they were college students from nearby where they were filming and they got paid in lunch.

Gerard Way was in a New Jersey paper that was talking abt 9/11 (You can see his shoulder and bag in a photo were the towers are on fire).

Pete Wentz signed P!atd and helped them get popular :) (Live laugh love Pete Wentz/ my wife)

The reason why Mcr is-..called MCR is cause Mikey worked at Barnes & Noble and Mikey saw a book that was called something like "Chemical Romance" Or something and they used that as a band name!

In the early days of FOB when they did little tours Fueled By Ramen gave their bands like; candy and drinks to eat during the tours but FOB lived off of just- noodles. Yea. 

When Frank was joining MCR the first rehearsal they had he was high XD

In early MCR days when they needed a base player the asked Mikey and he joined. But he didnt really know how to play base that well and he felt bad cause he wanst as good as base/ guitar as Ray or Frank (Poor Mikey :( )

Im probably gonna do another im just to lazy :P

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