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Abt me! :D/ info and dni list stuff

Uh i have many names online but my actual names Gerard  im a 15 year old German vampire (real) I like drawing, music, comics, horror movies, zombies, vampires, video games (Left 4 dead and the last of us), Nirvana, books, emo stuff and Mortician stuff <3. I like to go on character ai a lot its rlly fun XD i like science stuff and health, i like staying up all night watching scary movies and drawing, i like halloween like- a lot!, i like selling my art once in a while like at comic cons in a town an hour away from me, i like cosplaying and stuff, i like dressing emo, scene, goth punk etc.



My dni list!!: Homophobes, racists, people who think 9/11 or WW2 is funny its not grow the fuck up, people who think lil peep is emo, (some) dsmp fans but i havent seen any on here yet, nsfw or gore accs, mean christians . . . people who think gore is "funny", Frerardies but listen i dont care if you ship like- the 2000s frerard but if you ship frerard with them now? Just dont they got kids and wives ew, people who make fun of diff types of alt (Like scene, emo, 2020 alt, goth etc) and - yea thats all . Oh! Yea wait proshippers, comshippers or whatever go away DX

(Also dont flirt with me if your being fr.. Im dating 2 other people so sorry but you can as a joke idgaf if its as a joke :)


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