[❗] about discord's new change & spacehey layouts (among other stuff)

disclaimer: read this fully whether you think it will affect you or not , and share this so people who may be unaware can know too .

so , as some of you may know , discord will be soon implementing a new change regarding CDN links . basically , as of now , these links never expire . all images sent in discord are stored forever in their database and can be accesed through the cdn link ( which you get by right clicking the picture, gif, file, etc, and pressing "copy link" ) , even when the picture is deleted from the chat / channel it was sent into .

however , before the year ends , discord has planned to change this , and make it so these expire after 24 hours . this change plan is not out to the public yet but it was leaked from their developers server if i recall correctly . 

but , why ?

mainly for two reasons: to reduce the amount of scammers , hackers , etc , who use discord to host their files , and most importantly , to reduce the cost . hosting files is pricey you guys .

how does this affect me ?

basically , if you're using discord to send any pictures , gifs , pixels , documents , etc , to copy the link from there and then put it somewhere else (like rentries , carrds , profile pictures , and spacehey layouts ) , once this change is implemented all the links you use from discord will break .

and , if you're a system , and you actively use tools such as tupperbox and/or pluralkit to communicate , your profile pictures will break too . that is , if you set the pfps by sending the picture along with the command or use the cdn link to set the pfp on the tupper website . i said systems , yes , but this affects anyone who uses pluralkit or tupperbox ( roleplayers , fictionkins , linkers, etc . )

will/may also affect: ao3 embeds , toyhouse , and all the ones i mentioned before , plus more i'm probably forgetting .

if none of this applies to you somehow , then it may still affect you . please check that any websites you rely on are not hosting files through cdn.discordapp.com, and if they are, please archive those files using web.archive.org/save

how can i save my files ?

luckily for you , there are many tools that you can use to save your stuff !

for people who hotlink pictures from discord to their rentries , carrds , sentries , etc . save the images , gifs , pixels , and so on to your device . you can upload them to a file hosting website such as:

imgur ( for image & gif saving )

catbox ( for most files , check their faq to see what can and cannot be hosted there )

filegarden ( for any file )

postimages ( for image & gif saving only , afaik )

& more

for pluralkit users , there is a tool available so you can save your avatars easily

to use it:

  1. type "pk;export" to the Pluralkit bot
  2. from your DMs, download the .json file the bot sends you
  3. go to the website and upload that file
  4. it will make a folder of all your alter's profile pics

AND FOR THE LAYOUTS , whether you make or don't make the layouts you use , go edit you about me and check the code . use the search tool (ctrl + f) and type "cdn.discord" on it . if you find any cdn links , copy them and open them . right click , save the file to your device , and then use one of the sites mentioned before to host it instead . copy the link it gives you and replace the cdn.discord link on the code with your new link . tada ! all done

if you have any comments , additions or suggestions to make , please say so in the comments .
share this blog so people who may be unaware of this can save their stuff soon !


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source 2 ( about pk and tbox )

source 3 ( tools )

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