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Music of the Spheres

Been hearing weird noises lately. In and around my house. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and look out the window. Or I’ll go out the front door and just see what’s happening. I mean, where are these noises coming from ? At times it sounds like music that travels throughout the night sky. I spoke to my neighbor the other day and asked him if he had been hearing mysterious noises lately. None whatsoever, he said. I got to thinking about these noises. Maybe it’s the famous Music of the Spheres that the ancient philosophers spoke of and universe is giving me a preview of the upcoming concert. I mean, if that’s the case, where can I buy the tickets ?

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Music of the spheres ? I'd love to hear that instead of what has been waking me during the night - foxes. They certainly have me up during the night, and often see them playing around the trees opposite, or looking for food. They make some hideous noises like screeching witches! :)

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Socrates spoke about this so called hidden tune. Seems like when all planets rotated they make a soft humming sound,

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