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about me !!!!!

i am aubrey. i am a minor and i go by he/him pronouns, but they/them is cool too if you feel the need to use them for some reason. 

i love love love punk and new wave music, as well as film and literature. my favorite film is either a clockwork orange or american psycho, and my favorite novel is either fight club or the collector. my favorite bands are violent femmes, dead kennedys, talking heads, fugazi, and duran duran. i am also a massive fan of tori amos, richard hell (!!!!!!!!!!) and lou reed in terms of solo artists.

i play electric guitar, and plan on picking up bass soon enough. i also enjoy writing, reading, listening to music, studying psychology, or learning random, obscure facts about bands or films i like.

i also collect music. i have a list of my record collection posted on here, and will probably do a cd one eventually, but that will take an ungodly amount of time.

also for reference, i am bi (i think!) and a trans guy so do with that information as you will lmao

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