My boyfriend is a horribly abusive father

So me and my boyfriend went to a corn maze and they were selling pumpkins and I was like "what if we buy a pumpkin and name it Jeffery" and he was like "do you want a pumpkin??" And I said maybe because I didn't want one if it'd be like 15 dolars but we asked the lady and she said it depends on size so I picked out a small pumpkin both bc it'd be cheaper and I dont wanna carry around a big pumpkin and she said it was only 3 dolars so we bought it and I drew him a face and his name is Jeffery and he is my sweet baby angel but alex (boyfriend) wasnt taking hin seriously and pushed him way too high on the swing to the point he almost fell because he doesn't have arms to hold on the the chains of the swing but i caught him in the swing so he wouldn't fall and then alex made him fall off of one of those things that are like a seat on a spring you go back and forth on it looked like a motorcycle but theyre usually animals point is Jeffery fell off of it and could have gotten hurt so i took him away but at this point i still wanted to give him one last chance so I let him tak Jeffery down a short slide onto some grass but HE SENT JEFFREY DOWN BY HIMSELF AND HE TUMBLED A BIT so I took Jeffrey and walked away and now I was mad and alex followed me pretend apologizing and asking him if he could put him in the seat of this playground slide that had like a tractor on it and the seat was in the tractor so i said okay as long as he didnt push him down the slide and this time he just had him sit in the tractor so i could take a picture but then HE RAN OFF WITH JEFFREY TO THE BIGGEST SLIDE THEY HAD and that slide was super tall and he was about to send him down by himself but by now i was literally on the verge of tears so he finally relented and slid down with Jeffrey in his lap but i took Jeffrey away and didnt let alex have him anymore and alex had the AUDACITY to play the song dream made about his mask like what the fuck should i divorce him

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