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Hello!! I'm Philip!! I'm the owner of the Safety Gerard way acc!! I'm trans, go be he/they, bat/bats and vamp/vamps, I'm nice and weird ig 😭 I have 3 partners and I'm absolutely in love with the onceler, Gerard way, Kurt kunkle, and Clay Puppington. My singoff is 🔥. I'm also autistic. (Main acc is https://spacehey.com/profile?id=2044463) - 🔥


HAIIII MY NAME'S COSMO/OREL !! i'm a orel puppington fictionkin, i go by he/they and snow/mew/silly pronouns , i like moral orel alot and other adult swim shows too :P (main account: https://spacehey.com/cosmeowz) - ❄️ 

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HI MY NAME IS KURANTE!!! i go by she/her (female girl) and i like hfjone (object show), phighting (roblox), Murder drones (show), Bfdi! (Object show). I like to run (idk why but i think its weird for me LMAO). I don't like to post my acc but u can search for it rq. I use mod emoji '🌠'! You may recognise me from somewhere! 

I'm polish, amercian and bri'ish! (Sorry if the intro is long imao)

Anyway i'm a minor (weirdos like nsfw and especially people who put hyperrealistic gore in their profile DNI) -🌠


rubs hands together.HI. my name is staniel ''yaoi'' heehooington but YOU (yes you) can js call me stan. im stan marsh (the guy from south park yes) irl slash serious . im ummm . nice . i guess ? when i wanna be lelBUT im also unpredictable at times. sorru ... my signoff is 🦴 ! [main acc is here] .... can you tell i liek writing abt myself


HEYA!!! MY NAMEZ NINA :P I'm the biggest regular show fan on this entire website (dont prove me wrong i'll deny it), I use she/her pronouns..I'm scene and obsessed with old trends and fashion :P I play roblox btw sjdkf...........I'm a minor, My sign off emoji iz 🎀!! My main account iz https://spacehey.com/ninasaur :D nd thatz all :3 -🎀

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