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hiya pal, I'm Mickey Mouse!

No I'm not I'm fid/fid-fid/fidfid but I am a huge Disney fan (happy 100th anniversary Disney!!). she/her. My friend myx (mikey) sometimes uses they/them when talking abt me idk why but I'm okay with that too. I'm 15. I love Halloween. I hate Christmas/New Year. I have anger issues. I love Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel!! Blitzie (ik it's spelled Blitzy but I like "ie" more) and Alastor <3. Al more tho, sorry Blitzie. I relate to Octavia..

I love watching tv, I think you can tell. I might be one of the only ones at my school to do so. I know a big bunch of films, even if I haven't watched some of them. I love watching nickelodeon, tho their latest shows are mostly trash. I hate the Casagrandes. I obsess over BBC's Sherlock. Amazing show. I hate johnlock. I beyond love William Sherlock Scott Holmes, he is amazing. I also love going to the cinema. Film/movie recommendations are very much appreciated. I watch a variety of films, romcoms, fantasy, action, musicals, etc., so recommend me anything! Except horror please. I don't like horror films.

I love playing guitar. I got two - Cassidy (Acoustic - uses they/them pronouns) and Jack (electro - uses he/they pronouns). My amp's name is Kevin (he/him, after Max Thunderman's, I love Max oc?? that he was gonna give to Cybron James), and my cable's name is the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. I haven't come up with pronouns for it and it's probably just a nickname for it anyway. I mostly play tabs of soundtracks but lately started playing chords. I sing too, but I'm not very good at it. My fav band is Set It Off <3. I started listening to them cuz of their song "This Christmas (I'll Burn It To The Ground)" lol. Myx recommended em to me. My christmas/new year wish is to burn it to the ground..but I'm not trusted matches and for the greater good. /ref I would be fine with a ukulele too, tho.

I love reading. I love Sherlock Holmes a lot. Overall I read Victorian literature and fantasy books. I enjoy reading Stephen Hawking as I love (quantum) physics and wanna study it in the future. I also wanna get a Nobel Prize for Physics lol. I really recommend reading Frankenstein, it's amazing. As much as I love detective fiction, I hate Agatha Christie. I CAN'T STAND IDLY BY WHILE THE PLACE I LIVE IN IS SUBJECTED TO SUCH VIOLENCE HER DESCRIBING A FUCKING STAIN ON THE BEDSHEET FOR LIKE TWENTY PAGES AND IN THE END WE FIND OUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CRIME AT ALL AND ALL OF THAT COULD BE DESCRIBED IN A SENTENCE. THEN IN THE END THE MC MAGICALLY COMES UP WITH A SOLUTION, PRESENTS IT TO THE OTHER CHARACTERS AND THEY GO LIKE "WOW..THAT WAS SHIT GENIUS" LIKE CMON. I love reading H. G. Wells' books tho. Would love book recommendations too, but please not something centred around romance.

I love dogs, my fav breeds are Huskies, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Yorkshire Terriers. Find the odd one out lol. I don't really tend to like cats that much, but I love some like Scottish Folds for e.g. I love eagles too a little. I really love owls tho. I'd love one as a pet! Not sure which breed, tho. It's rlly hard to choose, but probably not a Barn Owl. I don't tend to like those idk why.

Fun fact! I have chronic bronchitis!

Another fun fact! I'm shit at writing intros! I think you can tell!!

One more fun fact! I would love to see a 7 ft tall strawberry pimp playing on a Furby Organ!! /ref

A further fun fact! I use🫀and 🫁 to express love. Sometimes🩸and 🌈 too. But mostly I use the rainbow as a SpongeBob reference..say 🌈 magic 🌈 or smth of that sort.

Last fun fact! You might catch my using archaic words or Victorian literature grammar sometimes!

I guess that's it.

Well, I bid you adieu!

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what the fucking fuck is 3-is
it all just kinda happened!!

by fid-fid; ; Report

right back at ya

by M1k3y XD!!; ; Report

the fact that I can delete your comment..

by fid-fid; ; Report

the fact i can repørt yøu
ør delete my øwn cømment and pretend this never happened

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lol chill

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