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SSO Devlog #2

Hello fellow Sugary Spire Online Fans! On this devlog, we will tell you what we have been working on so far.
our (not so finished) level! Milk Chocolate Madness!
its basically a dragons lair, but in sugary spire!
Heres a screenshot:Milk Chocolate Madness
Its unfinished, but we will finish it!

Okay, now onto our SECOND unfinished level that were working on.
Martians Freezer!
Yes, we are bringing back some cancelled levels back.
if you couldnt tell...
This levels more unfinished than the last one since we just started working on it!
This level will include: Soda Bottle, (rocket from pizza tower) New alien enemies, and a Pizzelle copy copying your every move!
Heres a screenshot of the level: 
Martians Freezer
Thats the devlog for now, Cya later!

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