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Cat Feeding Gine Wrong...

So, My bf and I went to his friends apartment to feed his cat while he was away. We searched for a good minute, and finally found the right number apartment. We entered in the door code, and it unlocked for us. 

George (my bf) walks straight to the kitchen and says "he said the cat food would be right here on the counter but it's not" I replied with "Yeah weird, I don't even see cat bowls anywhere to even put the cat food in".

I looked at the counter and noticed a slice of pecan pie was out next to a pile of pecans. I asked George why he left food out on the counter if he was going away. George said something about a roommate but I didn't quite catch what he said. I just assumed maybe they forget it was out. I've done it before.

So I continued walking around, being nosy of the layout of the apartment. I turned around and saw a man laying on the couch, sleeping with headphones on. I froze and my jaw dropped. 

That's what George was trying to tell me, a man sleeping on the couch. A "roommate".

We go back outside so George could call his friend, asking if he was expecting someone over or had a roommate. He answered no to both of these questions. 

Well...turns out we went into the wrong apartment. The door code, for whatever reason, is universal to all the apartments it seems, which is why the door unlocked. We stood in a strangers kitchen and living room for a few minutes, trying to figure out how we're going to feed this cat, this non existing cat in this random guy's apartment. 

Thank God this man didn't wake up or was already up. I can only imagine the kind of interaction that would have happened. Though, I feel for this guy. He's going to wake up and never ever know that 2 random people were standing in his home. A place he probably feels safe and secure. I'm truly baffled. This feels like one of those fake reddit stories. 😭

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