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11:58 pm

Hello guys. Today was ok. 

When I woke up, it was awesome because I bought the electric guitar I wanted. 

Bfore this, I have a friend named Paulyn and she was selling random stuff. I asked her how much and it was only just 3500 pesos. I thought she was joking because thats really cheap for a 12k guitar but she wasnt. I told my parents and they agreed but when I came back paulyn told me that it was already bought. I felt so so so sad that day cause i rlly wanted the guitar so my day was crap and I felt sad. BUT TODAY!!!! when I woke up, paulyn told me the person who wus gonna buy it, cancelled. so I told my mom and she immidialtly called paulyn and bought it. Im gonna get the guitar tommorrow yay. !!!!!! :3 

anyways the rest of the day was ok. still felt sick but excited for monday (today) because it is already 12 am as I am typing. WHy because I get to see my friends yayayaayayayay !!!! yay. Also gona leave the house extra early because i want to. Also will meet person in my dms maybe at lunch. highkey scared cus idk what they look like. ok thats all tnx. bye.

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