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veggie cold cut

Hi everyone! welcome to my blog. :D

I was curious to try a vegetarian cold cut. I'm not a vegetarian but I like trying new tastes and flavors and I want to get closer to a plant based diet.

I usually really appreciate vegan burgers and there's no shortage of them in my freezer anymore.

I have often cooked delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes at home too, there is a great choice. The last dish was italian sweet green peppers (friggitelli) and tomato sauce.

The sliced meat looks like a salami even if the color is bright the coloring is beetroot juice, the consistency is a little slimy and tends to break but once stored in the fridge it remains intact. 

The scent is spicy and sweet and also reminds a bit of sliced meat. The flavor is like the scent and I found it a little too salty. It promises to be rich in fiber. 

It wasn't my favorite and I wouldn't buy it again mainly because of the value for money.

The main ingredients include: water, rapeseed oil, wheat starch, egg white powder, spice mixture, thickeners, natural herbal flavoring and wine vinegar.

what do you think? Have you ever tried a vegetarian/vegan cold cut? Do you have any brands to recommend?

I also tried the new vegan Philadelphia and found it very good and with a delicate flavour! I recommend this one.

thanks for reading.


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