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Hi there, I'm Caine, i run this little blog :D this entry is just going to be a little on me, cause other wise things might seem chaotic!! 
Heres a little more on me:

I'm 15, turning 16 in febuary. Despite being young i have a huge facination with all things 2000!! mostly early internet though!! I'm also pangender, almondsexual AND polyflexible, I use he/they pronouns currently, though i dont mind most terms :D. I am also autistic, so i have a multitude of special interests, which you can see a list of in my profile!! and very recently i found out i have bpd. I'm a osdd system, and have a system acc! I am also a demonologist and have multiple altars dedicated towards multiple demons, im also a otherkin/fictionkin!!(hence my nameee) And you can again see a list of my kins on my profile!! I'm an artist too, and have commissions open!! Ontop of that i LOVE it when people use my kin names on me!! so feel free to!!

sites to explain things!!!


fictionkins specifically




ill probably add more to this later

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AwppyZZ ‹𝟹

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U seem super kewl :0 /gen Im also autistic & alterhuman :DD

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Awee sick!! :3 you seem supes cool too!!

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