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listing off weird things i like cuz im bored

the smell of tape

the smell of new and old books

breathing in reallyyy cold and crispy air

having clean but not dry hands, i HATE having dry hands

the sound of stepping on rocks but not the actual feeling of stepping on said rocks

the smell of cigarette smoke

the smell of gasoline/gas stations

cleaning the dirt out from under my nails, i get very stressed when i have dirty hands and nails

car rides bonus points if its a late night car ride

kathleen hanna

men i like men i like boys im a boy kisser im a boy liker i kiss boys

claire de lune but specifically the one from the evil within ost (ive never played that game is it good)

looking at different fonts and deciding which ones i like best that usually end up being the handwriting ones

calling myself a transsexual or a [t slur]

not labeling my sexual orientation it feels very nice to not have to worry abt that

falling asleep with some sort of background noise like the ac/heater or starscape vids on yt that are like 10 hours long those are my favs

When im home alone and the house is quiet and i can just exist in that silence

citrus-y scents

the smell of fresh soil

the smell of fresh bread

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