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My Mom’s Wedding

My mom got married today! I got to walk her down the isle I was super nervous, but it turned out alright!

If you’re curious the guy she married is someone she’s been with for half of my life at this point he isn’t my biological dad, but I still consider him my dad regardless! I had a feeling he was going to propose at some point, coincidentally I was thinking about when that’d happen the night before he actually did it! He proposed months ago though just forgot to blog about it since at the time I was quite busy!

Another ah-mazing fact! The wedding happened the same day as the PBS kids tv show Peg + Cat 10th anniversary! I drew this artwork for the anniversary even put cat in a tuxedo to pay sort of pay homage to that fact! I would’ve drawn peg too, but I mostly just specialize in animals plus I wanted to do one character really quick since the wedding did keep me occupied 

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