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Meet the misfit system!

Hello dave here bcuz w/o me well w/o me nothing gets done so here ya go:

Sol-he/they/it-host-15- i type like this-sign off:🌞

Kat-non-human-gatekeeper-void/it-30-Β‘ type lΒ‘ke thΒ‘s-sign off:πŸ±β˜•οΈ

dave-he/him-16-middle-bi-taken-yo i type like this- sign off is a d

John-middle-he/him-16-bi-taken-i talk like this -my sign off is usually my name

Dirk-21-fictive of dirk strider-gay-taken-wsp i talk like dis-sign off is dk

Jake-20-fictive of jake english-bi-taken-sign off is 🌎-ello! I talk like this!

sollux-8 sweeps = 13 or 14 idk troll stuff-fictive of sollux captor-2up name2 2ollux ii talk liike thii2-sign off is 2c or 3d

karkat-15-fictive of karkat vantas-single-sign off is kk-I TYPE LIKE THIS

nepeta-13-middle-sign off is🐱-meows types like dis!!

WIll-32-gatekeeper-sign off:β˜•οΈ-hello, i usually type like this.

kankri-34-fictive of kankri vantas-sign off: 69-hell9 i am kankri and this is h9w i talk.

kaiden-14-they/them-sign off:kai (prenounced: kay)-middle-hi! uhm this is how i talk!

fallen-21-it/its-intj of bro strider-persecutor-doesnt talk much but talks normally-sign off:πŸŒ™

Vex-20-intj of a bad friend-persecutor-yo, i speak like this.-sign off:🍷

XD-dream/dreamself-protector-unknown age-hello, 1 spe@k l1ke th1s-s1gn off:XD

charlie-she/her-3-little-hii!!-sign off charlie!

marly-she/her-5-little-hiya!!-sign off: m or πŸ¦„

Davesprite-uhh idk actually i forgot my age-fictive of davesprite-sign off: ds

hal-any prns-no age-nonhuman fictive-uhh hi names hal my sign off is: Lh

Boo-void/end-intj of an endermen-age unknown-h! n@me$ boo m!ght not !nt @lot!-sign off: boo!

Toms-intj of tommyinnit-bi-17-protector in training? Also co-host-HELLO I AM BIG MAN TOM! and this is how i talk!-so: πŸ”ͺ

tubz-intj of tubbo-emotional holder-so; tubzy-heelro my names tubz!

eridan-17-prns: blub/him-trauma holder-hello i am eridan or you can call me ed an i talk like this- blubin sign of is ed or🐟

calypso-it/bird/wind-14-middle and intj of barbatos (aka venti)-hihihi i am calypso!-sign off:πŸ¦‹

phil(za)-30-crow/bird/him-caregiver-factive of philza_minecraft-ello names phil or dadza whatever floats your boat!-sign: dadza or za

techno(or goes by blade)-blade/hog/it/him-sup, names blade. uhm yeah just be chill.-20-factive of technoblade-sign off:🐷πŸ”ͺ

Dakota-intj of a dirk headcanon-clueless abt age-wsg names dakota-sign off: dak

Thats all for now!

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