Rating the upcoming care bears teased @ NY Toy Fair

Starting with something I’ve actually already talked about: the Sanrio collab! As I said before, I love Badtz Maru Grumpy Bear. He’s my favorite from this collection. The previously unseen part is that carebear that looks like hello kitty! I’m so excited to see her in better pictures and find out what they did for her belly badge. Definitely wish list potential!

These two both are following the trend Basic Fun has been doing lately of having insanely extra fur patterns. I have mixed feelings about this trend (I think it looks kind of ugly a lot of the time). Personally I think the chevron print on the left bear doesn’t look that great. The one on the right, Good Vibes Bear, actually looks pretty cute I think. It might be because I had low expectations for her based on how the pattern looked in the official art, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how her pattern looks on the plushie. The heart eye is adorable. Very lover era. Plus I don’t hate the emoji belly badge as much as I thought I might. The yet unnamed bear on the left is a skip but I might get Good Vibes if I run into her in the wild.

This one has been speculated to be the “Lots-a-Pride” Bear which seems likely to me. The way it looks though is just >_<. So many choices were made in this design and it is not at all cohesive. I love the sentiment of a pride bear but this thing is a major skip. 

Now on to some I’m actually excited about. These collectors additions of some of the most iconic bears are sooo pretty! The only one I don’t love is Grumpy Bear bc he looks so weirdly flirty. It doesn’t suit his character. Cheer and Funshine are both lovely though. Grumpy is a skip, Cheer is a want, and Funshine is a major wishlist bear. He’s just perfect! Also the fact that he’s standing makes me wonder if they have posable legs instead of just floppy.

These two seem to come as a duo which is fun. This is a case where I feel like I can’t judge it accurately bc I don’t know if they will have full size bears/what their patterns will look like on them. I very openly can’t stand the funsize bears. I think they look weirdly smooth and naked. Plus they just have a claw machine toy vibe. I feel like these two designs have potential though. I like the concept of the fur patterns (if only they had fur) and the sunglasses are adorable. 

Okay thats it! Let me know what you guys think about the upcoming bears and if you think I was fair in my judgment. (i know I’m kind of harsh with the new bears). Thanks for reading ^_^

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I just realized I forgot one. Oh well he was ugly anyway. He has this red and white tie dye pattern and a belly badge that feels like a combination of other badges (It’s a heart and a shooting star). Overall forgettable and a skip

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