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Journal Entry #76: 10/07/23 - The Anticipation is Killing Me


Alright, so my roommate’s boyfriend is here and I don’t feel like barging in again to go get my laptop.

Monday was really laid back, though now I just do that on purpose to try and ease into the week. Tuesday I went to an info session for this challenge that is being hosted. I talked with a guy I had met at the golf event last week. After the info session I told him that the event was fun, even though I meant to say it was relaxing. We walked a little together but he started acting weird and eventually I found myself walking alone. He wanted to “show me something” (I promise, it wasn’t sexual in context.) It may have something to do with cuffing season, since it’s now here. 

On Wednesday I went to lab, where I was greeted to even more teasing. Ugh, I don’t want to be with him! I promise! My classmate said the he said I was “his girl”. Either she made that up or she took his words out of context! Thursday I was going to go to web development club but it was cancelled. However, I did go to the fall festival with a few classmates. It was alright, but I spent most of my time waiting in line. The adrenaline rushes, however, were much needed. Yesterday I planned to go to a university-organized mini-concert, but it was cancelled due to the rain. Damn rain! Today I mostly just studied and wasted time. I have an okay grasp of what I need to know for the calculus exam, but when it gets tricky that’s where problems arise. My professor is known for giving exams with difficult questions.

Alright, onto the things I’m anxiously anticipating. I just wanna go home. My heart aches! It fills me with sorrow knowing that I can’t be there for my sister during her junior year. I miss my room, even though when I return I know it will be bare. I miss living with people I’m more familiar with. Oh, and since there will be foreign exchange students my sister and I will have to share the trundle bed, just like when we were little. However, I’m doing what I always do: romanticizing the future. Coming home likely won’t feel as good as I want it to. Ugh, I just wish I could distract myself, but I can’t seem to! 

Okay, the other thing I’m anticipating is…the pilot episode of The Amazing Digital Circus! It also happens to be coming out the same day I leave! I just love the aesthetic the show has, and Pomni is so adorable! (Even though she’s 25.) Even though the pilot hasn’t released yet, there’s lot of fanart, OCs, and…Jax fans. Okay, so considering he got a tiny bit of screen time, how are people simping over this man already!? I mean, damn. Some of you guys are thirsty. I guess that’s the curse of being voice by Michael Kovach lol. There’s even ships! We barely even know of any of these characters interact with each other! In all seriousness though, I hope to enjoy my Friday night :)

I’m feeling really tired right now. I hope to have a good short week. 

Boa noite,

AstraGenesis .𖥔 ˖


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