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about me/intro!!

hi there!! this intro will basically cover everything (special interests, ab me, socials, etc.)

i kinda suck at writing so emm..sorry if this is kinda all over the place :,[ i'll try to organize it or something yaya

info!! (woahhh)

so erm, my name is Liam (obviously) but i have many online names i go by! Liam is my actual name, though. (i have all of my online names on my pronoun page if youre curious)

im trans (ftm) and gay. im also demiromantic + aroacespike and my pronouns are he/him.

i have autism and adhd, so i prefer ppl to use tonetags around me! :]

im super nice and i love making friends, so please dont be afraid to send a message, id love to talk to you!!

also, i do have a typing quirk (s to z, i usually use it with words that end with s. for example, yes = yez! or thats = thatz! etc etc.) i wont be using it in this intro though, just incase its hard to read for some ppl!

i also have dyslexia, so uh sorry if my grammar/spelling is absolute trash, im trying my best <//3

lets move on to my special interests! :D

special interests!! :O

  • outer space
  • dave and bambi (this is a MAJOR one)
  • roblox
  • roblox myths
  • my ocs (also very major)
  • drawing/art
  • cats
  • hfjone
  • jazzpunk
okay time 4 the socials!!

socials/things to add me on!! :3

so, i have:

  • twitter (i refuse to call it x.)
  • tiktok
  • roblox
  • discord
  • snapchat (even though i hate it)
  • spacehey (duh)
  • pinterest
i think thats it!

feel free to ask me for any of my socials! im willing to give them to pretty much anyone as long as you arent a meanie pants </3

anyway, i think thats all

sorry if this was too long!! D:

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