lucid dreaming experience

 Heyy i just wanted to write about my experience with lucid dreaming cuz I thought its kinda cool.

I have been able to lucid dream for as long as I can remember. I still remember the first dream i had in which I had full control. The dream started with my family and I at a wholesale store, I remember suddenly being aware of the fact that I was dreaming and immediately turning to my family and telling them that they were in my dream. Immediately we started grabbing whatever we wanted from the store and that's all I can remember. From then on lucid dreaming became something that occurred frequently with the time between these experiences getting shorter as the years went on. Some dreams have been kind of terrifying. I recall last year during a dream I spoke to the people around me telling them I knew that they weren't real and they began to reassure me that they were real. The dream ended with a bunch of people chasing me it was freaky and I never wanted to lucid dream again after that. But one bad experience shouldn't ruin it all for me.

I don't know what has been going on but recently I've begun to lose full control of my dreams. It feels as if I only have partial control and somethings holding me back. It became significantly difficult to manifest what I wanted to appear in front of me. My most recent dream involved my friend and I in a house I did not recognize with people outside the front door waiting to come in. I knew I was dreaming so I tried to make them disappear but they wouldn't leave. I don't remember what happened after but I remember being devastated because I couldn't do what I've always been doing. 

 i have to go ill finish this entry when i get home :P

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