4 3 2, fuck you
Listen up ya'll, this porn is ironic
All the other parody accounts are hooked on phonics
Snokarlicious definition makes SpaceHeyers loco
They want to know the secret to my I.P adress
Tryna ruin my life, I ain't doin them no favors
No reason why I make porn accounts
I'm just really fucking stupid

I'm Snokarlicious, so delicious
No I don't do kismesis
And if you read any of my allegations
That shit is totally fictitious
I annoy bitches
Doesn't matter if they're just 14
I plaster porn on their screen
So delicious (All day, I sit on my seat)
So delicious (My father left me)
So delicious (Even the doxxers want a piece of me)
I'm Snodalicious (f-f-f-fatherless, fatherless)

Snodalicious def-
Snodalicious def-
Goddammit, Mods, stop fucking around with my acc-
Snodalicious definition makes the SpaceHeyers crazy
Everybody's always screaming, calling me names like (400 racial slurs)
I'm s to the n, o, d, to the a, the t
And the majority of doxxings better include me

I'm Snodalicious (so delicious)
My body don't stay vicious
All the SpaceHeyers feeling nervous because I'm pulling shit about a DDos attack out of my ass
Pat is my witness (whistle)
Bet that porn curls your skin
And you'll be needing all the bleach for your eyes cuz I'mma traumatize them
So delicious (I don't get out of my gamer seat)
So delicious (My father left me)
So delicious (Even doxxers want a piece of me)
I'm Snodalicious (now you normal SpaceHeyers hold the fuck up, check it out)
Mods, Mods, Mods,
If you really want to ban me
Better get some patience
Because I'll never back down, I'm fuckin' fatherless
I'll never be banned, banned
I'll be laced with fatherless
I'll be laced with virginity
The porn's so disgusting, disgusting
G to the r, to the o-s-s, fuckin gross
All the time I turn around I gather report buttons

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