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My Thoughts on Purrgatory

My Thoughts:

I would give this game a 5/5 stars!

It is a 4-5 hour playthrough, which I think is perfect if you have a weekend where you have nothing to do.

I truly don't think there are any "bad" characters in the game, either! They all develop so well, so I don't really dislike any of them!

It is such a good game, and I truly think you should give it a try :)

About the Game:

This game is available on Steam or, and it is enthralling. It follows seven characters after they die, and they are stuck in Purrgatory. It is called Purrgatory because it depicts a cat, and LucifurĀ (A cat) as the guys running the afterlife/hell! You are the new person in Purrgatory, and you develop each of the characters! You interact with them, and you do tasks, and as you do the tasks, you'll finish their "arcs!"

When you go back to the main menu, you can see each of the seven characters in black and white. As you develop the plot and do the tasks, they become colored in, showing that you are one step closer to finishing the storyline!

Order of Favorites:

1. Sean

2. Elijah

3. Kyungsoon

4. Natalie

5. Oliver

6. Numa

7. Tori

Why I Like Each Character:

1. Sean: He has a lot of musical talent (Purrgatory Blues by Niv), and he is witty.

2. Elijah: He likes poetry (as do I), and he's just overall just relatable.

3. Kyungsoon: She's withdrawn until she finds comfort in someone, just like me.

4. Natalie: She is artsy and she is respectable and nice.

5. Oliver: He loves his research and works hard.

6. Numa: She is very particular and she cares a lot about others.

7. Tori: She's a hard worker and doesn't give up on things.

Seven Deadly Sins Theory:

1. Sean is the snake, and he resembles lust, due to the endless flirting and moves he makes on others.

2. Natalie the moth resembles sloth, because she sleeps allllll the time.

3. Numa, the snail, resembles wrath because she yells at you if you do any little thing wrong.

4. Kyungsoon is the hyena, and resembles gluttony because she eats Oliver's books.

5. Oliver the mouse resembles pride, because he is stuborn and has a big ego about his work in Purrgatory.

6. Elijah is the armadillo and he resembles envy because he desparately wants to be noticed.

7. Tori is the owl and she resembles greed because she was a businessperson who wants to have the exhilaration of experiences.

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YES OMG. I adore the characters so much and they all feel so unique. this is such a great blog about it <3

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AAHHH im glad you like the game too!

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