So I'm turning this into a journal ? I guess.

So signed up yesterday on this place and I am looking to turn over a new leaf.

I've started new hobbies recently and tonight, I'm going out on my own to a Queer Bar that has a drag show. I have never dared to take an interest in drag because... As a transwoman, I have some internalised transphobia and I was afraid to get the ick watching cis-men dress up as women for a show. It's on me. I lived secluded and I wouldn't dare to dress up high femme outside of pride events. I live alone and wear dress and skirt with friends indoor.

So yeah, I hope it goes well. I hope I meet cool new people.

Outside of that I start a new DND campaign as a lvl 1 wizard .I spent the afternoon writing down spell cards. with stabilo colored pens.

I am excited and I feelllike I am finally taking steps to having a nicer more fullfilling life.

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