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 Disclaimer: This essay is mostly based off of personal opinions (not regarding the porn industry) and is up for debate.

 I'll start by saying that the pornographic industry is much more vast than what people think it is, and also so much worse than what it appears to be.

 When porn is mentioned most people will think of PornHub or Xvideos, or any other website that has naked women and naked men, but it's not just that, "pornography, noun: art or literature whom has as subject obscene acts (from porn+graphy)", directly translated from the portuguese dictionary 8th edition, it may be an old definition, stating that pornography could be any sort of art or literature that's obscene porn wouldn't just be those videos found on the internet but also animations, drawings, paintings, music and much more, it's an industry that surrounds us on our daily life.

 Talking about what would be obscene and actual pornography starts a huge discourse, but I'll state that I don't see peole talking about their carnal desires that go with the natural ways (this automatically discriminating against kinks and fetish, which I'll elaborate later) or own experiences with abuse as porn, it's something more than natural and in any way hurting people.

 Done with this little explanation I'll talk about the way porn industry is bad to all, starting by how it affects men. Porn is mostly produced for a male audience in the way of videos and rule 34 or hentai/yuri, these midea deeply affect the imagery of men in their own core, some developing eating disorders, body dismorphia, premature ejaculation or a twisted way of looking at themselves, but it also may affect their view of sexual relationships leading to: premature ejaculation; paraphilias such as fetish, sadomasochism or worse; kinks. All of those effects that pornography has on men are a small reflection of how porn is bad. Now leading to how porn affects women we see something horrid that happens according to the porn film industry, (as this is a huge and complex part of porn I'll shorten it and give links at the end of the essay to access more information on it), most women in pornographic films or videos are usually portraied or are indeed drugged, a high number of videos that end up on porn sites are recordings of rape in spiked women, innocent children or even trafficked kids treated as "child prostitutes". (I am personally sensible to this kind of content so I shall not talk that much about this as it would be the ideal for my own health, as stated before links will be added by the end of the essay if there's a want to know more and about statistics). Disregarding this and the fact that women are often victims of porn industry, there's actually porn with an expected female audience, some may mention fanfiction and what's called "yaoi", which, being honest, has similar effects as the porn industry has on men, it leads to the development of paraphilias and kinks.

 Now that I mentioned it's bad effects I'll stop for a bit to say why kinks aren't really a good thing, even though associated with some very important fights for rights, nowadays kinks are a way to shame others, it may have been something regarding different sexual practices but today it isn't and is harmful to many.

 Overall the porn industry is just something that affects everyone negatively and it's consuption shouldn't be normalized nor legal.


sex/human trafficking and it's relation with porn  

violence and abuse in porn

overall statistics about the pornographic industry

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Definetly, But the problem is that if it's declared as ilegal it wouldn't stop, it would start being produced illegaly, and the abuses would only increase.

by the way, I love the music from your layout, what's the name?

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That is indeed true, the music is "Not About Love" by Fiona Apple

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It's a concise exposition, but it's well thought out, especially for your age.

I agree with every point from the beginning to the last dot. I personally can attest that early exposure to porn and mature fanfictions has created false standardizations and even disgust, not only so much on the fetishist side but definitely regarding the perception of 'the other person'.

I'd also like to point out how pornography has contributed to shaping and reshaping women's trends, appearances, fashion, thoughts throughout history, and the concept of 'femininity'.

Pornography also highlights the connections between exploitation and prostitution, even in the cinema, TV, and music industries.

I'll make sure to read your sources too.

EDIT: Sorry for deleting the previous comments, but I kept messing with the HTML. ^^"

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thank you so much for the comment, I will organize the blog entry itself I worte it in a disorganized maner, anyhow you have a point in the trend and way it affects women that I didn't mention when I first wrote the entry.

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