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Hello, this is my first blog. I haven't used a site like spacehey/myspace in YEARS, so this is actually a super strange but warm experience.

I've been burdened by laziness i honestly want to help add to the collection of Miku layouts on here since a lot of codes are just music players! i've been working on a code for like 2 days now but i keep slacking off... bladur's gate has become a recent obsession so it's taking up all of my time!! 

the hyperfocus is insane sometimes and i just lose huge chunks of time. then late night sleepy coding ensues... but it's all fun :3c

hope everyone is having a glorious day today in woman-land

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lul ive felt the same too recently, ive been sleeping in longer i honestly have no motivation to do nything. is baldurs gate any good?

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yeah it was really good, it's a game u have to invest a lot of time into ngl.. if you're into dnd/fantasy stuff and turn-based rpgs you'd like it a lot. it's the 3rd title in the series rn!

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