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bros back

so i'm back from a two month break from life and shit is happening. i got a new cat named bobby and he's the cutest thing on earth. my job is going great, i've finally started the coursework side to my apprenticeship. but right now we have a new problem, i am very ill. not like bad bad but still not great. i got ill with tonsillitis and that was three weeks ago, and i'm still not better. my tonsils are fine but the rest of my body hasn't realised that i should be better, so i'm worried that something else is going on. like that something else is wrong which is a worry for me. so i don't exactly know whats wrong and the doctors couldn't tell me what's wrong and so they told me to get my bloods done and so i did but now it's time to play the waiting game. which is a game i hate to play. 

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