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new computer!! + life updates

i got a new computer! its silver but im gonna try to customize it ^^ it was $20 cheaper than i originally expected bc its slightly different from the one i originally wanted. the one i wanted was pink and was a 14 inch hp stream, this is just a 14 inch hp computer. i dont mind though. i also bought a mouse and mouse pad for it. 

i got a job! its at a dollar tree in my town. i like it despite the pay not being much, but im not living off of it (paying bills/buying all my food/etc) bc i currently live with my parents. its a good first job. most of my coworkers are cool. theres one guy who kinda freaked me and others out one day (he was being very aggressive) but other than that its fine. 

i went to a convention this past weekend and had lots of fun and got lots of free stuff. after that i got covid and now im stuck at home sick.

sorry if this all sounds weirdly written, covid brain makes everything sound weird. i feel like my brain's fried

 ill be posting more often now since i have a computer. 

byebye! ^^

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