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haii haiii — intro ♡ !!

 Haii haiii !!

Nice 2 meet u !!  I'm Prim !!!!!! It's short 4 primarina i really liek pokemon :33 

i go by any pronouns !!! she/he/they/it idc i don't have any preferences (↼_↼) 

im 16 !!ive been using the internet since i was liek 5 tho oopsies...

um umm i have a bunch of stuff i like I really like pokemon !!and rpgm games!!and visual novels!!

ive been into vocaloid since around uhh liek 2012/13?? most my music taste is just vocal synth :3

i constantly pick up new stuff altho i occasionally forget to finish them oops umm

rn im playing all the ace attorney games :33 and reading pokemon special !!

english is my second language so i occasionally word stuff weirdly sorry !!!(⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)

not bothering with a dni if ur gross or annoying ill just ignore u sorryyyyy 

Im liek super low energy so i might take ages to respond to stuff or disappear occasionally

um umm idk what else to say let's be friends :33 i might make a better intro later idk

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